Nika Boyce - Self Portrait 

Nika Boyce – Artist, Writer & Scientist

Artist’s Biography
Nika Boyce is an emerging full time artist whose art and process reflect a lifetime of cross disciplinary experience in the arts and sciences. She began creating from an early age in a home filled with art, her mother being an artist and instructor herself. Boyce’s art evolved during years of training in architecture and science. Her process is informed by these experiences and a zen meditation practice that has shaped her art to a minimalist semiotic exploration of shape, energy, composition.

Artists Statement

My work develops as a stream of consciousness. First, broad outlines of composition are conceived simply via a kinesthetic process of meditative sketching. Second, this map is applied to canvas or paper and then further interacting forms and connections are sketched down. While this is not intended to be representative expression by any means, the forms and relationships that arise in this secondary stage are unconsciously informed by my many years of work with microscopy of cells. Third and finally, I use black, white, and color to form edge and line to further develop the pieces.

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